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Private detective in Ukrainian

Private detective in Ukrainian


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The legitimacy of private investigation in Ukraine

To say that the activities of private investigation in Ukraine is not a law, it is extremely difficult. Yes, in principle this is not quite true. Indeed, many members of this difficult profession work as employees of the mass media, conducting their information investigation. Also, if their activities are not allowed, this does not mean that she is prohibited. Therefore, this situation can be called a double-edged sword. But the Ukrainian Duma deputies propose clarifying the matter and lead, in accordance with the law of the work of private investigation in the country.

What are the limitations to be a detective?

But the lack of regulations governing the work of detectives has not said that detectives do work quite underground. And even more so this may be an indication that their activities are indeed prohibited. Simply, there are some services that they currently can not provide. These services include wiretapping facilities and conduct video. That explains the situation Igor Malovsky. But once the law is adopted, the draft of which was submitted to parliament yet on April 12 and the work of detectives will be legal, many questions will be automatically removed from the agenda. For example, before the detectives opened more of a wide variety of features, including video recording, they will be able to conduct and carry out the audio. But it is forbidden to remain possible to collect personal information about other people.

Here only there is no assurance that private detectives do indeed expect that day to come, and their activities will be legal. After all, in this situation, they will become more transparent, under constant surveillance by law enforcement, which can not stretch even though the fact that it will allow them to provide jobs to other employees. If any offense is now the detectives will be held accountable according to the law in such a watchful eye. They will not only carry out their work, but always ensure that it does not go beyond the adopted law.

But if we consider the experience of other countries, where the issue has been resolved a long time ago, namely the legalization of private investigation can not only regulate the work of the detectives, but also makes it more fruitful work of law enforcement agencies, cooperation with which will now be more dense. And now it will allow representatives of government agencies to delegate many tasks to your colleagues. At the same time themselves, law enforcement officials more responsible attitude to their work.

Services for everyone

The detective agency treated a variety of people and a huge amount. And they themselves say detectives, they hang up on customers simply do not have. Although the agencies themselves, there are about two thousand. Of course, this information is unofficial, and the exact number no one can say, because nobody has an accurate count of these organizations. Also, it is difficult to say on what is the most popular service. But the head of the detective agency "Conrad" Conrad Yuri, often asking for help just individuals. And the most popular services at the same time connected with the search of people. And may look very different personalities. This may be a distant cousin, with whom just have not seen for a long time, as well as the ex-husband, who stopped paying child support, runaway child, or an old friend, who took the money and disappeared. And most often it is the categories of people that just will not work law enforcement agencies. So find a solution to handle the detective agency. Another question, no less exciting people, refers to marital infidelity. Sometimes it can take as little as a few professional activities to find out with whom spends his time the wife of a client. But sometimes it may take and more time and effort to address this issue. We must be ready to ensure that the cost of detective services - it is a pleasure not the cheapest, but in any case, the most effective. Who else will take you to an old friend to look for just two hundred and fifty - five hundred dollars? If we are talking about the identification of adultery, in this situation, the costs will be at least $ 350 a day.

Activity in the security of their business at the moment show and entrepreneurs who have found in the person of private detectives than assistants. It is necessary to have a really serious experience to identify the company spy among hundreds of staff or understand who is involved in financial fraud. And who will conduct a qualitative collection of information about a competitor or a potential partner? The Secretary is not charged, as well as test facilities to detect listening devices. Therefore, the security business detectives are simply irreplaceable, especially when you can use a lie detector to find out who committed the theft in the company of the staff.

Is it possible to take in the act?

Nothing so quickly and is guaranteed not prove the guilt of a man taking his red-handed in the act. It also is the reason that so many jealous bought not just the identification of betrayal of her husband or wife, but also make a provocation. To do this, investigators develop an individual plan, based on which operates an experienced pikaper. Naturally, the skills in such work does not prohibit the conduct itself and the identification of treason, and just check suspicions that may arise at each. That is exactly what did a man who began to suspect a soul mate of treason. And what would you have thought if I became your wife to come home late, and even in jewelry, which she had never been? But what a surprise awaited him when detectives reported that she had no lover. But there is a business that it is a secret from her husband.

Under suspicion does not just spouses, but simply employees who sometimes nothing prevents start working for a competitor, began to engage in industrial espionage. Such suspicions have arisen from another of our hero. In this case, it was decided to implement a detective in the team is under suspicion. And everything went just perfect, if the client himself did not represent a new employee, and then all of a sudden not be declared that the detectives began to work to ensure all employees.

Another client of boredom just ordered spying on himself. Maybe he just wanted to see how experienced are agency staff. They are fully justified his hopes.

And like the others?

Naturally, the question arises of what is happening in other countries. And if we turn to the experience of those who have already adopted a law on detective work, then the example of Russia, America, Britain, Israel, India, and many others can be seen that there has been a sharp increase in detectives and agencies, and in some countries even the budget of these organizations largely exceeds the budget of law enforcement.

Text writer Anne Goncharenko
We used the material detective agency "Conrad"(http://www.dobrobut.biz.ua/) and
Newspaper "Arguments and Facts in Ukraine"

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