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to conduct the investigation, we do not need to know you in person

Services of private detectives in Luhansk

Those services that are listed below - this is not all features of a detective agency in Lugansk. Therefore, if you do not find some solutions that described the problems faced, then simply call our private detectives and explain the essence of the problem. We believe that will certainly be able to help you, no matter how serious and intolerable not seem your problem.


Services of our detective agency presented to everyone who approaches us, except when the order is criminal. In any other situation, you can be sure sure to get from us not only support, but also professional help. So call in our detective agency now to specify the cost of the services of private detectives, which is possible only after discussing your problem and direct it to experts. Myv give an absolute guarantee of confidentiality. Therefore, you can safely use the services of private investigators in Lugansk, if you do not want to advertise their interaction with us.

Private detective in Ukrainian

The legitimacy of private investigation in Ukraine To say that the activities of private investigation in Ukraine is not a law, it is extremely difficult. Yes, in principle this is not quite true. Indeed, many members of this difficult profession work as employees of the mass media, conducting their information investigation.