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Pshonik Igor Ilyich

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the employees of the Detective Lugansk company. This is a team of professionals that helped me quickly understand a difficult life situation. Having received the necessary information from me, they began work without delays or bureaucracy and collected all the necessary information. As a result, I was able to understand the situation and solve the problems that arose. I would like to wish the company further prosperity and success in their noble work.

St. Petersburg, +79112014801 , Pshigor1961@yandex.ru, https://vk.com/id2240076, https://vk.com/id743008013, https://ok.ru/profile/102956702551

Petar Petkov

The guys did a great job and quickly worked on the person I was interested in. Satisfied. I recommend!

city of Dobrich, Bulgaria, https://vk.com/pietro72 , ptkv@abv.bg

Petr Kucher, Dnipro

I ordered furniture from a person from another city. I made an advance payment, a rather large amount. At first everything was fine, I sent a photo of the manufacturing process, discussed the details. Then he began to "play for time", saying that he was busy. So four months passed and then he simply disappeared: he stopped answering calls and messages. Since I am in another city, I did not have the opportunity to find a person, there was only a phone number. I accidentally found "Private detective Lugansk" on the Internet, read the reviews, and decided to try it. I was worried that knowing only the phone number, they would not find the person. We quickly found it, talked and, as a result, the debtor himself wrote to me and is ready to send my order for free. Everything turned out quickly and efficiently. Thanks to "Private detective Lugansk" for help!

+380976949507,  petrk4r@gmail.com , https://www.facebook.com/petr.kucher

Vadim Cowes, Israel

Thank detective agency staff, very helpful. Professionally and quickly fulfilled my requirements. Satisfied, definitely still I take advantage of your services. 

www.facebook.com/vadim.kausov , https://ok.ru/profile/334741868510 , vadim0034@gmail.com , skype: shved0034


Werner Raeneva-Rodlauer, Austria

I can recommend this detective agency for both private investigations and business. It is reliable, accurate and professional.

https://www.facebook.com/werner.rodlauer.3 ​,  +436644024705 , werner.rodlauer@gmail.com


Good job. Thanks for this. Feedback must be anonymous.

Roland, Netherlands

Thank you so much for your efforts. Even better, you really felt the responsibility to take all doubts away at your own cost. Impressive and recommend to anyone who has problems with scammers and / or there is any doubt that the girl really. Great job!



Good job. Thank you for this.



Thank you so much detective agency that helped us find our relatives in Lugansk, which we have not seen 30 years. With a minimum of information in just 3 days, we again heard. Thank you very much!!



Others have faith in some kind of church education and forced to constantly make money with donations, and only your evidence and facts, and helped convince him to return to normal life. Thank you to all the team, you do good for the people.


My boyfriend called me a couple of times the name of the other girl. I decided to check it out and use the "Private Detective Lugansk." About two weeks you were watching him and nothing bad I was not told. Thank you for helping to avoid a scandal. We have already got married!

Family Ponomaryovs

Thank you "Private Detective Lugansk," which helped us make sure that our son was not a drug addict, and a very normal guy, because then we ourselves could not follow him


After the burning of the garage MES-ship is not much understood the cause of the fire and the cause of the act, a standard fire, and you have helped to sort out who did it and why. Very grateful to you.


For dating women decided to follow the example of Anton's "University". Hired a private investigator to gather information about her and worked. "The private detective Lugansk" knows his business.


Winter robbed cottage. I sinned on two neighbors and could not decide. Addressed to you and the thief covered shame universal scorn)! Thanks to your agency for efficiency.


In the courtyard at night just started punching the wheels of cars, the break glass. Police on these statements did not respond. Collectively came to you, and know that it is the machinations of the local host car park. So he decided to increase the number of customers. When you receive the materials requested from you where to court and won. Thank you for your professionalism.


When working on the computer was gone, suspicion fell on me. Thank you for helping me back my honest name.

Daria N.

"The private detective Lugansk" I want to thank you for your prompt wanted my little dog. Thank you very much.


When the money was gone from a credit card - all thought. Parents will not believe that it is simply theft. Immediately turned to the "private detective Lugansk." Thank you brought one of my three roommates to clean water, which removed the money. You helped me get the money and not to waste the nerves of parents. Thank you for it.


Thanks for the help in the search for a colleague. Knowing only the name, you have done what I could not do in seven years. Thank you very much!


At work, the trouble started, and I could not understand why. Everything was fine, and then head just started to eat. Addressed to you and found out that he was just jealous of his wife to me. And she actually cheated on him, but with another person. He told him everything and the problems are over. Thank you for being there.


A few years in our family "apple of discord" between the father and uncle of my grandmother's jewelry was missing. When she died, she begged to divide them equally among his sons. And they began to divide, they are generally to be found. After that, his father and uncle stopped talking, accusing each other of stealing. This procedure has bothered me, and I decided to turn to you for help. I do not know what you were doing there, but after three weeks, you have provided evidence that the grandfather propyl gold, still live at my grandmother. The brothers have reconciled! Thank you "Private Detective Lugansk" that restored the family well-being.

Tatiana Klimenko and Sveta

Our grandmother lives in Lugansk one, and we visit it only once a year, but to us it does not want to move. And then suddenly it began to spin around a young lady to help her around the house, cook eat. And Grandma has mentioned to us that he wants to turn it into a testament to the apartment. Convince the old lady could not manage. Decided to turn to private detectives, and to inquire about the girl. Thanks to the professional work of employees' private detective Lugansk "all the points have been placed. The girl has long been looked after by many single people and tried to persuade them that flats rewrite it, then give something of value, and that she lived. Thank you for helping open the eyes of my grandmother and leave the apartment in the family.

Kostya R.

Thank you "Private Detective Lugansk" for the open eyes. Truth be told: "Love is blind!" It so happened that my girlfriend is somehow cool to me. This is noticed by everyone but me. My friend decided to open my eyes and asked for help from you. I would have never done, but he did, and your team has shown me who is who in fact. You opened the betrayal, and I ceased to be a dolt. Here are grateful to you for it!

Olga D.

Very worried for her son. Stopped doing homework, threw exercise and began to deceive me. Then he started to lose money from her purse and some jewelry. Persuasion and conversation to anything nor led. What's going on, I never understood that. Asked for help in your detective agency, and after three days already knew that the son plays all the slot machines. Thank you for helping to quickly deal with it.

Hope K.

Very much I love to help people and because of this are often the victim of a scam. Now before you give money to "needy" I ask them about your agency "Private detective Lugansk," and you, in turn, protected me from the ill-advised actions. Thank you, nice to work with you.


My business began to collapse in the truest sense of the word. Revenue fell, thought he had everything, it's time to close. Somehow came across your site, came across an infa about the possibility of vetting. To me, I think, has nothing to lose, I decided to order the service. After investigation, I realized what was happening, it turns out, my managers turned a blind eye to the fact that their employees serve customers in the workplace, the lodge money directly in your pocket. Restored order, and now I am calm for your business, and leave tracking, sometimes I go and check.


Met the guy , he was so cheerful and funny. And I was okay with it . A couple of days after they met, he invited me and said that he had a birthday. I bought him a gift. Came at the appointed time . but to my surprise, no guests it was not, and he lay with his head bandaged , said he had been robbed and beaten. Well , I started to help him around the house , did not take the money , all of their buying . After all the trouble with a loved one , but for me it 's nothing and no pity. Then he offered to move in with him , as the most difficult to cope after injury. I obeyed . She brought her things , and happy about it was that I could be next . The next day he gave me the address of a friend and asked him to go to him , saying he had promised to return the debt , but he could not come . You had to go to the other end of town. I have not found one another , and this apartment was not, and when she returned , then my "Romeo" was gone , along with the jewels and the money I had brought with me . She came to the agency , Lovelace found . I managed to sell a single chain , the rest is returned. Thank you very much to all the team .

Anatoly E.

Supervise a small firm, only 8 people in the state, but always some machinations do each other. Tired of all this, because in a normal team and the work is better. Decided once and for all to find out who did it all batters. Thanks to the staff agency that helped. Fired restless, as if the team is now transformed.


This agency knows it! I'm here I'll never know where you can take as much information? I've got a neighbor persuaded him to apply. I'm an old fool, wanted to invest the money set aside for old age that, in a scam. There promised a high interest, the documents with me different stamps showing, and I believe it, I thought a solid company. Pension at me a little, but if I take the interest each month, it is essential help. Here with Peter, shared his neighbor, and he said: "Go to the agency and porassprashivat about them." Well, somehow he convinced me, and I went. Do not know what would have happened to me if I did not listen. This scam has already disappeared, and the people who invested lost their money.

Margaret P.

I do not even know how to thank you! You have given me a son, and I already had lost all hope that I can bring it back to normal. These children are so obstinate in adolescence, and he also have a late child. Here's how left out, so everything started to drink, to be rude to us old people called names. Friends for it all, and we are nothing. But by the grace of your investigation, he realized who really his friends and what they need from him. Now live a normal family, and our Pavlusha completely changed. Thank you very much for the mother of his son.

Family Bilinski

My daughter has grown up, began long walks in the evenings with friends. We did not forbid her before, as she was walking in the yard and my wife was calm. But now things have changed. The girls have grown up and walk away from parental eyes. Of course we are worried, and she jokes. That boy she has, running to him, and we, as parents, are worried. That's decided to find out what kind of guy, and appealed to the agency. It turned out that the guy is not bad, from the culture of the family, and for us it has become easier. Let the meet. Well, that is where you can go and find out what you care about, and then we would have experienced so far.

Peter (owner)

I have at some point had a suspicion that I was being watched. I caught myself in the strange looks colleagues, but could not understand it, then I started to worry that at some social gatherings uttered by giving some details of my personal life that no one should have known. That made me even more wary. I felt sick at the thought that someone can own secret information about my company. I decided to seek help from your detective agency, but it turned out that not in vain. When laid out the problem, I was asked to check the office and the house in the presence of bugs. When testing, it was found that everywhere I have plenty of listening devices! It was a shock, but, thank God, they were found in time. Competitors have tried, but I saved the business, for which he is very grateful to you.


Our family had practically no longer exist, although the husband kept saying he tries for the common good, but very tired and strength to family life because he simply does not remain. I did not like how cold it to me, and often do not even notice that I'm here. It's a shame it became so long I thought I cried a girlfriend once, and she says, "Hey, maybe he has someone there? Hire a detective and find out. "At first I even mad at her for saying that, but after yet another quarrel with her husband still decided to come to you in a detective agency. It was unpleasant to tell my problem, but I was concerned with understanding, and even moral support. True, after the investigation was bitter, but better this truth than to live life in lies with the person to whom you are no longer needed. Now I live quietly, let him go and find a loved one who needs me. It's so important to feel in life fit. Very grateful to your team for helping me to change lives for the better.


Vacationed last year in a rest home, and there we met with Andrew. We had a great time together. He was very nice to me, gave the flowers every day, drove in a cafe, but one day without saying anything, suddenly left. I am very worried, called him, but he replied sharply and briefly, and then all disappeared from the network. After a couple of days I have found myself missing jewels that dressed rare start to blame the staff, neighbors, wrote a statement to the police, but nothing worked. Only employees of your agency somehow miraculously managed to build a conversation so that it touched and Andrew. I could never even think of such a thing. It turned out that he was not one I robbed, and your staff already know about his holiday romance. Only thanks to you I managed to regain my dear things that are a family heirloom. Thank you very much! I will continue to prudently.


I, like all normal people, I try to increase earnings, after them all the time is not enough. Many companies give customers the golden promises, but we'll enter them, but it so happens that the company is fast disappearing from our money. And here I am, once again deciding to invest funds in the young company, sought the advice of a detective agency "Private detective Lugansk." Here chuyalo my heart that something is not clear, as shown by the investigation, there were active scammers. I saved my money and have made ​​it a rule to address before investing in a detective agency "Private detective Lugansk" to get the necessary information. Now I only have a lucrative investment.

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