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Detective Agency in Stakhanov


Each person has the right to make their lives a public or kept in complete secrecy every move. Of course, much depends on the person's lifestyle, from the scope of its activities and many other factors. After all, if someone has the ability to not advertise the fact that in his family there is the fact of adultery, the other can not hide from prying eyes, even what they ate for lunch yesterday. But if you need to address some of your questions not just the maximum, but with full confidence, no one will be able to help in this, except employees of the detective agency "Private Detective Lugansk."

It's hard to say exactly what services are more or less of a priority for us because we never refuse our customers, if we see that really can help with something. But, if you look at the statistics, the most in demand solutions is family issues. Someone can not establish a relationship with your child who is in adolescence adolescence, someone constant conflicts with their own parents. But the most important and practically not solve the problem - this is adultery.

Do not solve it in the sense that if it turns out that indeed one of the spouses changes, the second is extremely difficult to forgive such a betrayal, and basically a relationship ends in divorce because of infidelity women or men. To establish the fact of treason husband or wife for employees detective agency in Stakhanov not be absolutely no problem. and besides the fact that we carry out the identification of infidelity husband or wife, you can order a test of loyalty, which allow us to understand even before most of treason, how, in principle, there is a chance that your favorite girl or woman may receive a lover. Such inspections unlike most revealing are prepared in advance and very carefully. And if you're the first case, we simply conduct surveillance for the husband or wife of our client, in the second situation, there is direct contact with our staff, who will try to seduce your lover. Basically, this kind of service demanded among those who are just planning to start a legal marriage. This is due to the fact that people can get to know each other, in consequence, do not just run into an issue like divorce.

Collection of information

In almost any situation and in any order, which comes to us, our staff will spend an additional fee information. If, for example, it is about the search for people, we can not always provide enough information to find relatives was really successful. Of course, in some cases we are able to find a person by phone number or arrange Find people by name. But the more the initial information is, the better the chances of success. But besides the fact that we can find by name, we also refer to just to ensure that we specify the address on the phone man.

You can also order the collection of information about people as a separate service. After all, for example, write about yourself in the summary of the applicant may be anything and unambiguously that it is only the most profitable information. Of course, these data can be clarified from the man himself, just spent his polygraph test. But not all of these situations can be used lie detector. Sometimes it is important that the person did not know that against him is collecting information for the database.

search of people

You can order the photographic surveillance of persons in charge of the firm, to ensure that they do not cooperate with your competitors and sell important data, which, unfortunately, is not uncommon today. You can be sure that in this case the surveillance of a person to be held at the highest level and you will be provided only reliable data on which you are already going to decide how much to trust a particular person. But do not forget that you can follow for spies. Therefore, it never hurts to check the premises to identify the bug.

We always try to search for bugs, so that the staff of your company was not aware of such a check. Because if they do have among the spies who understand that we were able to detect eavesdropping of mobile phones, they will take all steps to protect themselves. And for us it will be a difficult to find out who set you have bugs. But we guarantee that antiproslushki better than our work, you will not find.







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